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Chicken Fried Rice is one of our go-to EASY 30-minute meals. Easy Fried Rice is perfect for meal prep and a genius way to use leftovers!
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Easy Fried Rice Recipe Ingredients:
►1 lb boneless skinless chicken thighs, trimmed
►1/2 tsp salt
►1/4 tsp black pepper
►3 Tbsp extra light Olive oil, or high heat cooking oil to sautee
►4 large eggs, beaten with a fork
►5 cups cooked, cooled rice*
►2 Tbsp soy sauce, or added to taste
►1 1/2 tsp sesame oil
►12 oz frozen peas and carrots, thawed
►1/4 cup green onion, chopped

►Staub Cast Iron Skillet:
►My White Apron:
► Glass Mixing Bowls:
►Non-slip White Cutting Board:
►Bamboo Cooking Utensils:
►KitchenAid Tongs:
►Glass Measuring Cup:
►Meal Prep Containers:
►Knife Block Set:

►My Favorite Cutting Board:
►Hand Mixer:
►Favorite Blender:
►Food Processor:
►Kitchen Scale:
►Our Dinnerware Set:



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Natashas Kitchen says:

What is your favorite way to eat leftover rice 🍚😋?

Jester Jacob Solis says:

Hi Natasha!!! I made this for dinner today and we loved it!!!! Your recipes are so easy and fun to make. Thank you!!!! You're the best!!!!

Shaymprasad Beera says:

Wow very nice madam

Manda hill says:

It's fun to watch 😊

Arleen Murillo says:

I made this for dinner tonight and my family loved it! Thanks so much!

Argusia P. says:

It was very good. Yumm!
It makes about 6 good-size servings.
Good dish to make when you have a company for dinner.
I had a hard time finding boneless chicken thighs, but our Wegmans had them in their organic meat section.
Thank you for this recipe.
We are stuffed, lol.

eva orum says:

This recipe is Sunday’s dinner with a green salad! Thanks for sharing. Writing this recipe in my recipe book. 👍

Sherin John says:

Came out awesome 🥰🙏🏽thank u

Kayla Ballesteros says:

Forgot garlic and ginger

DinoLife2007 says:

Omg imma try this

Asma Ullah says:


Kayla Henderson says:

My mother makes me for dinner rice, beans, and onions👍😋

Rita says:

I'm not a fan of rice but would try this.

Dyon van den Broek says:

Made this today! Was delicious.

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