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Sarah Britton from My New Roots and I held a second round of cooking sessions in Amsterdam for 2012! This is a little recap of our winter dessert menu “Luscious Indulgences”. It was another weekend full of fun, inspiration and great learning about how to make tasty and healthy dessert treats. Here we focused on healthy natural sweeteners instead of using processed white & brown sugars. The entire menu continued also, to be both gluten and lactose free, yay!

It was wonderful to have both our Amsterdam guests and those from our neighbouring european countries coming over to participate again. We’re always learning so much from each other, it’s always such a pleasure to have everyone attending. Thank you.

In these sessions, this was our menu of deliciousness:

1. Chia Pudding with Raspberries & Blueberries
2. Raw Mint Chip Tarts
3. Banana Bread Granola
4. Ginger Cookies
5. Newtella

These recipes are exclusive to the sessions and not found on her blog.

Again, Sarah blew everyone away with her clever and delicious recipes (raw & cooked) using super foods, unusual ingredient combinations and all the wonderful nutritional benefits that went with them. There were a lot of “oohs & aahs” throughout every class, especially when it came time to taste it all 🙂 This was a fantastic lead up to the festive season, demonstrating alternate and healthy ways to indulge. The woman is amazing and her enthusiasm to be healthy is completely contagious!

Sarah rocks!

Directing: Vincent Schuttel
Filming: Olaf Schuur

Editing: Vincent Schuttel

Music: Trevor Britton (original track)

Production: Koch Productions
Concept & Art Direction: Samantha Koch

Stay Healthy Happy always!


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