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Katie’s video:

Hey guys! In today’s video, me and Katie are showing you guys four healthy and easy recipes perfect for teens! These are not only really good for you but also super yummy! I hope you guys enjoy the video and let me know if you recreate any of these recipes!

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Hi I’m Ella Elbells and I am a 17-year old girl who loves anything DIY, lifestyle, beauty and fashion-related! I post videos on food, style, advice and so much more! I also love filming routine videos and vlogs so you guys can get to know me. You can expect to see seasonal videos too like Back to School, Halloween, Summer and Holiday videos!


Tiffany Saumer says:

Does almond milk also work for the smoothie

Mohammed Patel says:

I wish I had parents who undergoes how to make foods like this instead of jut traditional foods

Jaden horn says:

My ocd: ik y’all saw her pour that wrong

lucisalac says:

OK these are maybe healthy but if you will eat this every day your body won´t thank you. You shouldn´t base your diet on carbs and fat although it´s "healthy" fat and carbs. Your body-your muscles and your bones need protein

Game Cat says:

i dont like any of these

Jemima Frantz says:

1:27 teenagers dont drink red wine

Gabrielle Chernis says:

check out goddess recipes they have great recipes that are super easy and healthy!

Krystle Marquez says:


Rhia Skuse says:

they all look soo good but i cant make the smoothie because that my blender broke

Diane McCann says:

2020? Anyone?

nik's jiggle jiggle says:

When you want to be healthy

Nikki Bryant says:

You sound like Chucky's bride.

miracle78239 says:

They copied @mia stammers intro

David Wade says:

For teens? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Purple Panda says:

Omg lmao I only had one earbud in and I thought she made a mistake when she was editing until I read the comments

Valeria Gonzalez says:

Left ear:🎤🎼
Right ear:🗣🗣

Trish says:

Is it allergy season down there?

heidi soutter says:

It’s really annoying for me because I really want to be healthy but the problem is I have problems with sloppy textures like smoothies tomatoes fish and bananas I’ve never had avocado but yeah could you do recipes for fussy kids 🤣🤣😭😭I’m so sorry

Logan warren says:

when you want to be haelthy but your broke

DystopianVoid says:

I just got a kfc ad…

Sydni Ratzesberger says:

Didn’t like any of them. I hate being a picky eater

最高みかん says:

1:45 sounds like Tiffany Valentine hehe 😉

最高みかん says:

Oh thanks I am a teenager

Amelia Hitchcock says:

Left ear has left the char

Potato ._. says:

Can you use regular milk?

Gacha Heartz says:

Oh MaH gOsH liFe SaVeR

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