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My quick and easy to follow butter garlic potatoes recipe (see complete ingredients below).
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Butter Garlic Potatoes Recipe Ingredients:
300g baby potatoes (sliced)
50g unsalted butter
2tbsp chopped garlic
ground black pepper
ground basil leaves or parsley

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My Simple Recipe says:

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Mariel Anne Yu says:

Trying this now. Thank u!

Ginna Gorospe says:

Iw ir good for my diet? Please answer me 😔

ako c Popo says:

IDK what I'm gonna do with my pototoes then I saw this video ty so much for the idea

Elsa Cleetus says:

Nice Video…i joined & please stay connected to my channel too <3

Lucy Espinosa says:

How long are they in the pan for?

Alexandrea Orinay says:

Pwede po ba to pang ulam?

Lalitha v says:

Potato lovers please like hit here.👍👍👍

Picking Time says:

Yummy for my tummy. Thanks

Los Garcia says:

How many potatoes do I chop.

Libran food and travel says:

Mukhang masap garlic potato

Arriane Batac says:

Wow sis try ko Yan gawin

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