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Follow My Recipe™ is a new, original miniseries created by the CinematicTV team where we film rap artists making their favorite homemade meal, so you can make it too! On this episode watch the Trap Mom Abby Jasmine walk us through how to make baked Mac & Cheese and Chicken Cutlets.

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Shot and Edited by Jochi Saca, Josh Gutierrez, and Jonathan Astacio
Producer: Adam Sarraga
Associate Producer: Ricky Zanders
Creative Producer: Jonathan Astacio
Executive Producer: Jonny Shipes

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Chicken Breasts

Mac & Cheese Steps:
Boil Water
Add Pasta
Cut Cheese
Add Together Milk, Butter, 1/3 cup of Flour & One Egg to Pot
Add Various Cheeses to the Pot
Add Butter To Tray
Season Noodles
Pour Cheese Sauce
Cover Tray With Foil

Chicken Cutlet Steps:
Whisk two Eggs
Season Chicken
Coat the Chicken in the Egg and Flour
Cook on the Stove on Medium-High

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NFL Baby says:

Do she ever stop saying bitch

NiqNiq says:

Every word she use she cuss

ItzQracked says:

Did she wash dat shit?

Steven Jones says:

Her mama cam cook tho.. I tell u that.. she tried..

Kalinna Vyacheslavovna says:

She didn't cook the flour 🤢🤮

GrvngeWvrthy • says:

her cussing is annoying as hell 😭

ItzTre💥🤟🏾 says:

0:37 I felt dat🤦🏾‍♂️💯

Drîzz says:

Can we count how many times she said “bitch” 😂

Dude Love says:

OMG we have so much in common. You like mac n cheese I like potato salad you have blue hair and I drink blue Gatorade .

Ruf2k Phenom says:

shes cursing because shes stressed this is her first time getting real clout

Jason Perkins says:

I would love to see some people on here that are worth a f*** you know real famous people Tom Brady Tip Harris Lil Wayne Drake Rob Dyrdek Mark Wahlberg Denzel Washington just somebody real not a bunch of fuckboys

AllThingsHippie #PeaceLoveHappiness says:

Wat in the entire fukkk

That_girl NiNi Fuu says:

Damn stop saying bitch and shit so much got damn🤦🏽‍♀️

bonkers fn says:

This how many times she said cursed 👇🏾

Kamo says:

yall neva had baked mac?

loaded 21 says:

She put the whole bottle of seasoning in that

Lifebeingasia says:

The Mac & cheese look good idc what y’all say 😭😭 just some haters

charlie shiffman says:

She wifey material it hurt when i seen she had a man and it made it hurt worse when i seen how good the food came out

yaboidexd says:

Bruh it's like she didnt even know the recipe bcuz she was like fuck it

Johnny Perez says:

Why tf everyone so stressed about her cussing 😂 y'all too sensitive shes just chilling lol she seems dope stop whining lmao 🕺🏽

Kiarra Nicole says:

She definitely has changed over the years. Her shirt cute tho 🖤

Londyn’s Life says:

She cursing like her mom just said ok you are out of my house now u can curse

88ntil says:

She has no right being in that kitchen. This episode and the ABG neal one are the most cringy. Its 2 confused individuals that dont know whom they really are


When she gets big y’all gone be saying “she’s so goofy” 🥱

Haywood Jahblomy says:

qhhaahahah she kicked him out the kiitchen


This girl is weird and she cuss too much

FaZe Sniper says:

Can y’all try to get NLE Choppa on here😭? I think he’ll do a great job 😂

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