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更正 高筋面粉正確重量是 350g / 2,1/3cup
The correct weight of bread flour is 350g / 2, 1/3cup

BANANA BREAD LOAF 香蕉土司麵包 | Apron

高筋面粉 bread flour 350g / 2,1/3cup
细砂糖 caster sugar 30g / 4Tbsp
盐 salt 1tsp
奶粉 milk powder 2Tbsp
香蕉 banana 1 / 100g
全蛋 whole egg 1(55g+- per egg)
鮮奶 fresh milk 70ml+-
即溶酵母 instant yeast 5g / 1/2Tbsp
無鹽奶油 unsalted butter 40g / 3Tbsp

长模 Pan size 22cm x 6cm x 10cm 2

摄氏180 / 华氏356 烘烤 17-20分钟
Bake at 180°C / 356°F for 17-20 minutes

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Apron says:

Hi, sorry for the mistake the correct weight of bread flour is 350g / 2, 1/3cup
i have indicated the correction in the description box

C I says:

Love to watch your video. Will make it tomorrow. Thanks

Larissa Peaks says:

Are you using unbleached or bleach bread flour?

Seema Singh says:

Is there any substitute for bread flòur ?

Patrick Bélanger says:

I don't remember this recepi Hmm to good

sugarxxjin - says:

But wouldn’t the bread get hard ? Because there would only be 5g of instant yeast included.

Sal m says:

That looks perfect. Our banana loaf looks different.

Maria Repolust says:

This looks so delicious!

Ateesh James says:

Can I use whole wheat flour instead…..?

Talia Diez says:

What is bread flour is it self raising or plain flour

Tutti PP says:

Thank you Apron!!! I just made this and my bread turn out so fluffy & soft with light taste of banana 💛💛💛💛💛

Thaís Nobre says:

I had to come back here and say: this is by far THE BEST home bread I've ever made! It was the most delicious, beautiful, soft bread I've cooked in my whole life. So, thank you so much for the recipe!

Md. Jhon says:

The bread really looking so soft😍😋-Video Diary By Sumona

Jureminha Pontes says:


Florcita Guaraní says:

El pan se ve delicioso. Intentaré hacer la receta. ¡Muchas gracias por subir el video!

Alin Susan says:

Me: Watching it so peacefully

Me: Gets a heart attack

Brenda Kuo says:

Where can you buy these baking pans?

nurkaya siti says:

Hey,can i skip the milk powder?

Maurizio Negro says:

I already did this and came a show

Merry Winoto says:

Should I put all the ingredients at once if I am using bread maker machine ?

Marina C.M. says:

Olá, o que é farinha de pão, seria a farinha de rosca? Ou você quis dizer farinha de trigo?

JB says:

I used this recipe this morning! I also added a tsp of vanilla extract and along with smell of the banana it was hard to keep from eating the dough lol. The banana flavor is subtle and the end result was incredibly moist and chewy. Ty!! ❤️

Narmadha Suresh says:

Today I tried ur two recepies 🍌 loaf 🍞 and 🍌 butter 🍰. The recepie was simply awesome 👏🏾 .🍰 was super soft . Tnq so much mam.

szqsk8 says:

Looks like Monkey Bread….

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