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How to make Potato Bake. This recipe is really easy to make and has amazing flavour. It’s creamy and soft with a delicious cheese blend crust. Potato Bake is perfect as a side dish to many different meals. Enjoy!

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Serves 6-8

Ingredients –

1.2 Kg – Desiree Potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced. (Starchy Potatoes are best for this recipe, such as Desiree, Russet, or Yukon Gold)
1 – Brown Onion, thinly sliced
3 – Garlic Cloves, thinly sliced
1 tsp – Wholegrain Mustard (Seeded Mustard)
1 tsp – Dijon Mustard
600ml – Heavy Cream
1 Cup – Tasty Cheese
1/2 Cup – Parmesan Cheese, Grated
Salt and Pepper to taste

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missmindersue says:

Yum 😋 These look delish 🤤 Can’t wait to make these. TY for sharing 👍🏼

James Francis says:

Don't forget the pumpkin

Steve G says:


Lynda 333 says:

Just came across some of your recipes and i am really impressed, will definitely be trying them out. Thanks for sharing.

John Williams says:

Not only is your Potato Bake recipe picture prefect. Just like the ones in those Food Magazines in the upscale supermarkets. That black serving plate is super cool too!

Cool Cat says:

Looks fantastic chef Jack, thanks so much for sharing, can't wait to try this recipe….I never heard of a brown onion in my life, Yellow and White but not Brown.

mlm2167 says:

You lost me with the cream 😆 but all the vitamins in the skin! ? Basically scalloped potatoes! 😱 that’s not new…I thought is was gonna be a smashed baked potato twice baked with cheese on top! ☝🏽💡🙏🏽

Cosens-Prior says:

Skilled work – good well presented video – great technique but think of all that fat – piles of cheese and full fat double cream – and the carbohydrate levels – I'd advise Diabetics not to watch this! I think it's too rich and sickly. Though for people who like that it's fabulous. I'll stick to buckwheat layered cauliflower macaroni cheese with just a few thin potato slices on the top.

Christine Cuneo says:

Ok some scallop potatoes, I see.

vrod1a says:

Awesome recipe 👍
Thanks 🙏

Jeda Holmberg says:

Fun to watch

S. S. says:

Or use a mandolin….

Aussie Oscar says:

Chef Jack You are exemplary and this looks devine!

Neil Kemp says:

Very nice 👍

Green Grapes says:

Thank you for this video. These potatoes look absolutely delicious. I have made similar potatoes, but have not tried them with the mustard. I will have to try it next time.

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