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How to Cook Salmon in a Frying Pan. This salmon recipe is super easy, delicious, and healthy! When i started eating healthy I was afraid to make salmon for fear I would ruin it so I am sharing the recipe and method I use to get perfect tasty salmon every time.

1 or 2 Salmon fillets
4 Tbls Olive oil (or butter)
1 clove garlic chopped
2 tsp lemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat olive oil on med heat just below it’s smoke point. If the oil starts to smoke then lower the heat a bit. Add salt and pepper to taste on the meat side of the fillets and then place meat side down in the hot oil. Cook for 4-5 minutes without disturbing the fillets. Then flip over and add the lemon juice and garlic and cook until internal temp of the fillet reaches 145 degrees (approx 2-5 minutes). Sever and pour a teaspoon of the oil from the pan on each fillet to add extra flavor.


Anne Bialecki says:

Too much oil for me. Plenty of oil already in the fish. Makes sense to do skin side last. My favourite fish in the world. 🐠

M K says:

That wholesome ending got me smiling. Subscribed and liked !

loading name says:

Gordon Ramsay was mad at ya

Gabriel Felix Muñoz says:

It's as if he's semi confident with his cooking

forrest jj says:

Half a million people can’t cook

Dudley Owens says:

Thank you; interesting that you cooked to 145 degrees; seems to high an inner temp, that it would be dry .. .

Džefrijs Grīnvalds says:

Is he saying O leave Oil?

Spiritual Junkie With Heather Marie says:

Everyone's a chef in these comments lol

Tina Thomas says:

Didn't you just say skin down but probably a blooper

RAVI I says:

Simply fried fish on pan and expecting credit

Such a braaat¿

Nathan says:

The dude looked like he wanted to spit the salmon out

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