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This recipe offers a modern version of Uzbek Plov (Pilaf rice) with meatballs. It is quicker to make than the traditional Plov, and it is very delicious. Get the written recipe with photos and American/ Metric measures here:… Visit our website for more recipes and love! We welcome your questions, suggestions and comments!




Cherry Okungbowa says:

Thank you for this yummy recipe. I made this for our family dinner and all of them they rushed it and lick thier plate….it was delicious and they asked me how did i knew this recipe…..and then i replied a nice smile with them….thank you very much

Priyanjalie Dhanapala says:

can i make this with chicken?

Wadie Rizk says:

I had tried this amazing recipe, it turned soooo yummy. I am really happy ,my kids loved it so much n they kept hounding me to cook more. thank you. 😊👍👍👍💕💕💕

Levinia Rolle says:

I did make to greasy for my liking

Chef Rafi's Awesome World says:

This looks so delicious! I am going to make this soon! Thank you.

LB4LIFE85 says:

Yumm this looks so delicious, can you tell us what kind of salads you ate next to this dish? Thank you

YoutubeUz says:

Wow well done you guys . I love my Uzbek foods rahmat

Teresa OROURKE says:

How many people does this recipe serve?

FitAussieAngie says:

That looks amazing, love your videos, subscribed to you.

Raya Chan says:

wow, looks soooo good can't wait to try it. thank you for sharing this recipe….. ☺

Levinia Rolle says:

This looks very tasty, will try. thanks for another good recipe.

Akife Babayeva says:

super babusqa emma

a w says:

where are you guys from?? Uzbekistan?

Priscilla Clark says:

Great recipe and love that your dad is cooking with Emma and you I love your videos thank you for all your efforts and sharing thank you

Redi Emagnu says:

wow! yum yum…..delicious!

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