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Chopped Steak. Hamburger Steak.

Long video with full recipe and complete instructions –

The Hillbilly Kitchen Verses and Vittles: Down Home Country Cooking –

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Ricky Blackwell says:

Hey Becky.. God Bless you from South Carolina… you cook like we always did and do.. could you please do a smothered pork chop video. Thanks.. 🙏

Jim Folger says:

I made this yesterday for the first time. It was easy and delicious. Thanks again, Becky.

Cherokee says:


Richard Parker says:

Nice meal, I'm on my way.

Burton Willis says:

Dang you be doin it up!

ktriley30 says:

I made this after watching your video it was very very tasty thank you greetings from Ireland 🧤

Patty LeVasseur says:

becky this lady lori and her husband are from the o zarks…. and she made up blue berry bbq sauce …dont know if your family are bbq ppl but still though it was interesting to share …

Jackie Marsh says:

Thank You For a Great Recipe!! It Looks Delicious!!

Ali Wehr says:

I gave you a thumbs up but I'm sorry I watched your short version! I'd much rather hear your voice and the name of Jesus! I'll watch the long version now! Love you sister!

bev gardner says:

A while back you asked for prayer for Jamey & Jeanie. Been praying faithfully. Any updates?

1918 21 says:

Yum 😇😇

David DeRoberts says:

Why not put some of that lovely gravy on the mashed potatoes too?

Gabby Grows says:

Your hamburger steak has ruined all others for me. I've tried a few others, but don't ever order them out anymore. The others taste like TV dinners by comparison.

LaTanya Porter says:

Thank u looks great must try

The Little Blue Fly says:

An another amazing meal! ❤️ You are the Queen of comfort food! Thank you!😘

Patricia Hartless says:

Thank You Mrs. Becky. This is a quick and delicious meal. To serve your Family. You and Family have a Great Evening.

Bud Gunter says:

I just wanted to say Thank you for the "Short Versions" of your videos, I use them when I try cooking the recipes after watching the Original Version. I always watch both

Greta Gaston says:

Okay, I am fixing this tonight! My tummy is growling already! That looks DELICIOUS!

M port says:

Wat do u clean ur stove with

Emily M says:

i never made hamburger steak nor have I ever eaten it i know this is probably silly question but do you buy the hamburger steak the way you cooked it in the pan or do you have to make the meat patties yourself

David Harris says:

Please show your "old" burger press. Also, off subject, Do y'all still have your house boat? I really enjoyed that build and the lake tours. Do you ever add Kitchen Majic to your gravy?

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