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Patti Paige is the cookie whisperer. At her store, Baked Ideas in New York City, she churns out some of the most inventive and impossibly beautiful cookies you’ve ever seen. Now, she wants to share all of her tips and tricks with you in her cookie decorating 101 class: Learn to make the perfect cookie-decorating icing, how to trace and flood your treats, and transform a basic heart shaped cookie into three whimsical designs (like the sweetest strawberry and colorful fish). You’ll never look at plain cookies the same way again. Let’s get started!


Busybee says:

You are amazing! What a talent! Thank you for sharing

Mundane Mom says:

So this was awesome. I just wish there was a list of exactly what size tips you used, what brand they were and what kind of gel (brand). The tips I’ve been using are 👎. Also what bags because I don’t want them to split. Also, you said to let them sit for an hour to harden but have you ever used a dehydrator? If so did you like it? Does it work well? Thanks for such an informative video!!!! It was nice and relaxing!

hans yamaki says:

Great cookie❗️👍🏻🍪💟

Bae Family 배가족 says:

Can you substitute egg whites? I want to decorate some cookies for my son's first birthday, but he can't eat eggs. 🙁

hazel Guertin says:

Cool I just want to eat them right now 😂

David Shaw says:

I pray she’s using pasteurized egg whites…

Jessie jane says:

Thank you very much for your video 💌

Carla Morante says:

Patti, thanks for your excelente video. Can you please tell su the coloring you used? The Brandon and type to find something similar in Mexico. 🙏🏻

Mike D says:

One hour and 10 minutes to see a lady mix all sorts of stuff without actually showing much of anything about decorating.

D J says:

I'm constantly getting the message "An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: 5CeqlLP7Y7XPD14f) Learn more. You Tube not allowing to watch this video.

Sara Orthober says:

Great tutorial! I definitely want to try.

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