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Hello folks!

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Welcome back to What’s For Tea 🙂 Tonight for tea I made another wonderful slow cooker meal! This was a delicious combination of minced beef, onions, potatoes and cheese…so very tasty! And incredibly easy to make too!

Everything I used will be listed below incase you want to make it for yourself. Thanks for stopping by,

-Cheryl x


What I used (serves 4-5 generously)

* 450g (1 lb) Minced or ground beef
* 3 lbs Potatoes – peeled & sliced about ¼ inch thick
* 1 Large thinly sliced white onion
* 1 Teaspoon paprika
* 1 Teaspoon garlic powder
* 1 Teaspoon parsley
* 1 Teaspoon salt
* 1/2 Teaspoon pepper
* 250g (3 cups) Grated cheese – I used cheddar
* 150ml (2/3 cup) Chicken or beef stock/broth



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Jorge Jefferson says:

To all the Scots, condolences from the States for the passing of Sean Connery, the one and only "James Bond". Thanks for the gift of his talent.

Gordon D says:

Made this last weekend, it was smashing. Thanks hen.

Dave Keith says:

Where the ham 🤔

Cecelia Morris says:

Ooooo…i love her accent

lilkittn1064 says:

Hi Cheryl!
Love listening to you and your recipes. Can you please do me a favor? Say your name in your videos? My name is Cheryl also and I'd love to hear it in your Scottish voice. ❤
Much thanks,
Cheryl Bowen

Marshall Littleton says:

I have my own recipe for hamburger hash. It is a family recipe that I have upgraded. Boil potatoes and onions. When almost done add ground round, salt, pepper, garlic powder and clear pepper sauce vinegar.

Ian Watt says:

Posh mince and tatties!

Aidan Bowe says:

Even though I used lean mince, it was quite greasy. Maybe the melted cheese??

Yorkshire Rose says:

Looks great. Mine's in the slow cooker now!

Sandra Pryor says:

I am definitely making this.
Love your accent and the lovely views of the Arran. My beloved Great Grandmother's name was Area….Thank you for your lovely recipes.

Steven Cowles says:

Simple but looks great, will be doing it very soon

W11 Granny says:

You could probably do it as a casserole in a low oven rather than on the stove top. Glad I got a slow cooker last year, so can't wait to try this. My mouth has been watering while watching this being made. Love all your recipes Cheryl.

Caroline Small says:

Thanks for that Jorge he was indeed 'The James Bond 'for me and many Scots
R I P Sir Sean you will be missed.

Rande Thorman says:

I do one similar with cubed potatoes instead of slices and a bit of milk with the broth to make it creamier.

Deb Sterling says:

Absolutely the best and thanks wee lassie for the instructions. I can smell the aroma right noo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom Grandma says:

I like your thicker cuts of potato, more substantial, thanks Cheryl.

Ali Clarke says:

Had this for tea tonight…it was very, very good. I was lazy and healthy and didn't peel the potatoes for extra fibre but they only just cooked in 4 hours on high. I also only used half the cheese to keep it healthier and it was still nice and cheesy. Thanks so much, it was a really warming and comforting bowl of food. I would definitely make it again and may leave it on low whilst out at work for 8 hours next time xxx

anthony broughton says:

I'm making this for my tea tommorow night it looks really tasty

Alice Kern says:

First time commenting but I just had to with this dish. We had it tonight for dinner(tea) and it was delicious! Mine got a bit browner on the top but that was the best part. As it is just the two of us, we've got leftovers but I'm fine with that. Thanks!

allen brown says:

you can spray the potato disks with fry light and cook in batches in the oven ,then layer up as you do.

Yorkshire Rose says:

It looks lovely. I was recently given a slow cooker, so will be giving this a try

Mj King says:

Yum this looks delicious. I'm thinking it would work well with ground chicken or even lentils. I'd probably add in some sliced mushrooms and minced garlic.

Jo Smith says:

Omg – that looks so yummy 😋

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