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Healthy Quinoa Recipes For Weight Loss | Quinoa Salad | Burn 300 Calories With Quinoa Salad

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Ranjini kitchen says:

Healthy recipe thanks for sharing stay connected new friend here

Vonyee Porte says:

Looks really delicious but do you have to rinse quinoa before you cook it?

Cema Bhagat says:

For a typical quinao salad with green raw vegetables like tomato,carrot,,cucumber,beetroot and lemon for seasoning how much boiled quinao should be included for 1 meal helping. I am on weight loss. Can you help

Aleema Recipes says:

I will try. Quinoa is a healthy grain which is rich in nutrients . So all should include quinoa in ur diet 👍👍

ann Ann says:

I don't know what to do

ann Ann says:

Why is life so unfair

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