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Not too long ago, I asked you to send in your best recipes for a chance to make it here with me. For among the treasure of healthy recipes that came in, Krishna Joshi’s Quinoa Veggie Pancake was the winner and it is also the recipe of the week! I enjoyed making them with Krishna and trust me, it is really good! So, keep sending in your recipes and you could be our next winner!
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Blue Coffee says:

What is Pancake? Is it a dosa?

Bhoomika Chandna says:

Hi Shilpa, I love this recipe thank you krishna ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

INDIAN Master Chef Pancham Singh Rawat says:

Beautiful 👌👌

Lakshmi Poduri says:

Lovely Shilpa ji @ the age of over 60 ‘s im learning a lot been a great fan of yours


Madam please make chia seeds food people don't know about chia and what is nutrition they have pls pls pls

yarrakondappa gari siva sankara reddy says:

East or west shilpa is the best….

Vikram Rao says:

very nice cooking

Mrs Aisha Nasreen says:

Krishna beti very nice recipe.Keep it up.Thank you Shilpa for inviting her my little Krishna beti

foodie fan says:

Pls when you speak Hindi explain in English at the same time…tks

Sylvie David says:

thanks for the cooking tips i will try this one

Komal Gujar's Lifestyle says:

Hello Shilpa Mam☺️, Hi Krishna very nice recipe…. thanks for sharing 👍

Hãppy DÂñÇïÑG says:

Lovely recipe 😊😁

LUIE Mag DC says:

Need to soak the moong dal

Haritha Sathyanarayanan says:

Mam I am jealous of ur body shape

Shalini Nithiyananthan says:

Shilpa is beautiful

Sunny Banerjee says:

Gulab jamun healthy way once ma'am….

Purva Pawar says:

It tastes heavenly ❤️❤️❤️❤️

sahenshah shahjung says:

shilpa shetty is dominating her.

Asim Aslam says:

Har bar ki terha bakwas

Pampa Sarkar says:

I have a healthy chilla recipe made with oats and Brocolli. You should try it.

Kumar Swaminathan says:

Good recipe ,, why not make it more nutritious ,instead of eating it with sauce or dip – make Saagu ( a Karnataka recipe) or with vegetable karma.

Sumnima Gurung says:

Make a cookie please

Nehal Ahmed says:

Plz make Gobi Manchurian

Ishu Kumar says:

Thank you Krishna

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