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Today we cooking vegetarian recipes for vegetation lovers. We use huge amount of vegetables to make this recipe. We made Bisibelebath recipe and raw banana recipe with healthy vegetables.

We use vegetables which are available in our village. This recipe is called sambar sadam in Tamil.


Stephen Paulwalker says:

Paka vechu thindringe mmm

Amelia lopez says:

No entiendo su idioma pero se miran muy felices cosinando con mucho amor

Bajrang Patel says:

One like for cameramen👍👍

Jimmawork urgessa says:

You are soo brave guys! I Love your amaizing job.Specially feeding poor siniors is the best job ever.I like to like and subscribe your channel more than 1000 times but can’t do more than once.Most are doing their business while you are helping poor. Thanks soo much! Keep it up!

Vishwanath ITI says:

Sir your channel is wonderfull. I almost watched all videos. very delicious . Please upload puri kurma recipe . It is my favorite

Archana R S says:

It is different from kerala's sambar

Atul Manek says:

વિડીયો સારો છે 🌹

Gopalakrishnan P K says:

Ithu entha ooru?

Naveen Kumar says:

Wow great job

Anithajoyce Anithajoyce says:

Grandpa neenga life long semmaiya irukum happy ah irukanum entha oru nooi nodi illama vazhanumnu antha kadavula vendikiren grandpa.i love you loot pa🥰🥰🥰🥰

Shailesh Kurhad says:

i am watching dely video

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Sangeetha Sockalingam says:

Pesame naamelum inthe mudhiyor illethule senthurelaama… Santhoshema saapaadu sari saapide lam…


Super I like your way of cooling

Durai Murugan says:

Yanaku romba pieditha Satham.

Comedy# Nights With Kapol says:

Your too good..keep entertaining ❤️🌸

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