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Once lovers Ranbir and Katrina do not meet eye to eye now. Yes apparently Ranbir Kapoor has refused to be part of Karan Johar’s dream tour cos of Katrina. Yes we have been reading about the two since they split and isn’t it a lil sad that their Pyar had to to end in this way?

For those who are not aware Ranbir and Katrina have split and would soon be seen in their upcoming Jagga Jasoos.Katrina had tried to reach out to Salman after their break up but nothing is working with the Kapoor guy and he is alright with sacrificing a trip but does not wish to be with Kat.

Kat and Ranbir were earlier in their love pad at Bandra but now tis only kat there and Ranbir has really moved on in spite of Kat’s advances. Anyway we now wait to see what next in their relation.

Meanwhile Ranbir sure is looking cool and relaxed while it is Kat who is trying to put up a brave face


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