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Well Katrina and Ranbir split and it became big time news. Haven’t we seen how fame jodis are breaking and messing up their lives? So with The Ranbir Katinra split Bollywood has entered a next round of sob sob boohoos and flat searches. Yes word has it that Kat is busy looking out for a house as sources also say her original flat is Having some problems and she does not wish to stay in the flat where she and her ex beau had such amazing moments together. 

And by the looks of it Salman Bhai has a soft corner for her as there are reports that Sallu is behind getting a place for Katrina. How cute is that? Tis very much like Kat goes back to her mentor each time there is a problem in any of his gals life. And Kat like a true disciple is listening to what her guru has to say . As days pass things are getting more and more interesting with Katrina and Salman getting closer. Quite ,filmi what say!


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