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Here’s a quick and easy healthy meal prep video! If you need to make a quick healthy meals that’s healthy and also cheap, this video should give you some ideas on what you can make.

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Madhuparna Dhar says:

Hey Chloe, firstly congrats on your 2M subscribers! Very much well deserved 🙌

I came across your channel about one and a half months ago and I feel super glad right now that I did. Your workout programs are so amazing. I wasn't expecting any huge change in my body but now when I see my before-after pictures I feel so happy and proud that I stuck throughout your entire programs. I never liked exercising before but your workouts have somehow become a part of my everyday routine now! Thank you for bringing such a positive impact; you are truly great and you deserve all the appreciation 😘💖

Also a big hug to the Chloe Ting community where there are tons of nice people who never fail to motivate you just when you need it!! 🤗

Rozie Bueno says:

7:47 when your mother in law tells you she wants to have dinner at your house instead.

pati k says:

Did anyone hear her say, owven and not uven

Ms. Gregoria says:

Who else is starting the New Year with Chloe Ting?
Let’s go! 😊 ❤️ 🎉

Chaz T. says:

I love chickpeas

Cassandra Hepp says:

I'm that weird person who doesn't like soy sauce 😅.

Ya'll I swear I've tried (Still am).
Maybe I'll see how it is on chicken 🤔😄.

D B says:

Yummy😋 This is so delicious👍

Lei Arnaz says:

These cooking videos are really hard to follow

Gabriela Andoni says:

so beauty black eyes
(I also have black eyes)

Mareva B says:

that girl is so so cute i can’t omg

Dana Buzan - Aanei says:

Can I please have the list of ingredients?

Marlene Guadalupe Toloza De Miranda says:

Sono bellissimo ejercisio per favore traduzione in italiano grazie

Sandy Ortiz says:

You are to funny and you thank you so much for all you do hon I’m new to so happy that I found this can wait to get started ❤️❤️

Andrea C Vazquez says:

2:27 …. Me making rice for the hole week 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

Tamara Zeynalova says:

Nüsretin burda ne işi var lol

Lexie Elmer says:

How long did you put everything in the oven for? And what temperature and how long did you blanch the kale and how long did you cook the chickpeas?

Melo phile says:

I came to look for a healthy diet plan but ended up looking just how cute she looked during the whole video😂♥️

comments reader says:

RICE! omgg I love rice. I’m glad u included it. Most people who are on diet said to ditch it. As an asian that makes me so stressful 🥺 😥🤧! Thank youu.

Kelly Voong says:

I just did 20 push ups in a row and this is the highest point in my life I feel so accomplished

Yuli Ana says:

Wow you everyday you eat healthy food and you everyday you exercise like 20 min maybe

Carla Ikirezi says:

She is an inspiration.

angel 69 says:

Its doesn't look delicious

angel 69 says:

She dont know how to cook rice

Senclair McDonnell says:

Does anyone else love that she has half an Australian accent and half a Japanese accent?! I think it’s adorable lol

Madyson Branco says:

My parents make unhealthy foods for me to eat – and they make me eat it

Haley Ann says:

I love you so much! You brighten my day. You are a ray of sunshine 🌞

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