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This delicious brussel sprout salad pairs crunchy mustardy shaved brussel sprouts with toasted pecans, sweet and tender pears, flavorful parmesan and a zingy tumeric vinaigrette infused with fresh thyme! Healthy salad recipes don’t have to be boring!

A Few Tips
*To do this salad ahead/ meal prep make the salad dressing, prep the brussel sprouts, toast the pecans, add shaved parmesan to a plastic bag. Slice the pears before and toss together before serving.
*Dried cranberries will add a burst of sweetness and pop of color!
*I used apple cider vinegar but white wine or champagne vinegars will work as well.
*Crumbled goat cheese or pecorino Romano are nice substitutions for parmesan.
*Omit the honey from the dressing to make this a keto diet friendly recipe.

Full Recipe:



MegaMoon ! says:

Love your channel

Joyce Greer says:

Looks good! I would try. You are a very pleasant, but very unusual looking wife. Bearded lady.

Hayoung Kim says:

Can you use walnuts instead of pecans?

Kathy Fazzini says:

Love this salad, the dressing 😋

Posy Oryan says:

Shindiddydoowizzle!!! Im so gonna flippityflop this into my bellllly! You are amaZING! thanks!

Jay Eddy says:

I took a solemn vow never to use a recipe that leaves the S off of Brussels, and this video is only the 2nd time I broke that vow.

xfallenxlostx says:

Avocado and maybe halved orange cherry tomatoes would be soooooo amazing with these flavors!

HKR 2000 says:

Please share focaccia bread recipe. Please……

Oscar Ulises says:

Your husband???
That caught me off guard..😂

Judy Williams says:

I just finished making the salad…it is my go to lunch many days. Delicious and thank you

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