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Yes, you read that right! Brussels sprouts pasta! Don’t switch off yet, this is a brilliant way to use up those Christmas leftovers. The master of pasta brings you a delicious (honestly), festive pasta dish like no other. Give it a go this holiday season!

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Miriam Ginden says:

Because of cooking with you I was not lonely in the kitchen during covid 19 Thanksgiving! Thank you so much!

Darren Henderson says:

We would all be lucky to have this joy and passion he shows in our life. Love you gennaro, Antonio would be proud and rolling his eyes at you and your vibrant attitude lol

L S says:

Yes we understand you! Why you talk so good! 😊

Waggy Baggy says:

This man has such joy for life, such passion for what he does, such a happy simplicity i am envious. the simple joyish things in life. No shame, no snobbiness, just plain honest passionate quality.

Elle Han says:

I love this man!!!!

Tim Foran says:

This video does not need the lame musical score. Great Gennaro performance as always! Grazie mille!

Karla P says:

that looks marvelous! yumm

P.S Just wanted to let you know I made it with what I had minus that amazing bread crumbs and chilies and it was just so wonderful!

Suk-Mike-Hok says:

The thumbnail is just amazing

Ernst van Loon says:

How are you able to buy the Brussels sprouts on the stem? The best way to keep them fresh! Great recipy for us plain Dutch 😉

JellyNugget says:

the first time when i watched a video of him: "oh…"
and found myself watching his whole videos in a row

sue moore says:

Something's "off" now with Gennaro…..he used to be playful and somewhat comical……..has he gone a bit cuckoo? He's on the verge of "old-timers" ……. he's kinda weird now – not making sense, saying goofy, off-kilter things. I can't watch him anymore….it's like he's trying too hard….to be funny. 🙁

straightforward says:

<3….but, could do without the music. 😉 Gennaro makes his own music!! (imho)

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