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It’s a Thanksgiving tradition! If you learn to cook brussels sprouts the right way, they are so delicious AND nutritious. This Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts is tossed in the skillet until the vegetable is tender and sweet. It’s a delightful vegetable dish during this time of year and will be on my table for the holiday. Watch me make it here and check out the recipe here –


Heather J Moore says:

Fantastic & simple recipe for a delicious & nutritious vegetable! I like the walnut twist! I don't understand the 20 people who disliked this video. Lydia is national icon as a brilliant artist & PBS cooking star teaching Italian & Tuscan culture & food way before these reality chef personalities. Shame in them. Change anything you want about the recipe. Don't disrespect this magnificent culinary artist & her channel. Which I watch religiously w/ Stage 4 ACCELERATED Uterine Cancer. I'm alive because of healthy eating & antibiotics.

BethyKable says:

Hate Brussel sprouts…..they are SO stinky! Chopped with walnuts, onions and garlic might be worth trying…..but I’m not sure.

Indigo Fire Angel says:

Brussel sprouts… yum. My new craving since I learned how to make them! This looks yummy

Mrsandmom5 says:

My mouth is watering

Roberto Perez says:

Lidia, can you do this with cabbage instead of the brussel sprouts?? I was gifted with two large heads of cabbage just yesterday!!

Fnu Jasvinder says:

How cone a pinch of peprocino make the whole pot spicy.

الورده البيضاء says:

I ❤ U 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤❤❤❤

hufflepuff 12 says:

Made this today as a side dish sooo good! Thank you lidia! ❤

Michelle King says:

Brussel sprouts is my favorite vegetable

Ima Hick says:

I shared this with friends who are on the KETO diet and they are so excited to learn your method of preparation. Thank You.

DoNot Need says:

I don't like onion so I do mine with bacon. I'll half them or chop them with the knife which makes them look shredded. I'll also add chopped or shredded carrots…

Kirby Waite says:

Considering the fantastically high cost of walnuts, I think I will reserve them for the brownies.

Jeff Morse says:

I love Brussel Sprouts. Love them whole, in half – anyway I can get them. This is such an easy recipe that I would never have thought of!

blondegirl says:

Lidia, what kind of pans are your using? I'm Looking for a good set of stainless cookware.

davidcufc says:

This works better with chestnuts.

Cutiep pie Inzmam chnal says:

Love it to much

R&P Miller says:

Lidia, you're a gem! I have many of your cookbooks and I love your TV shows. Your trips back to Italy take me right back to my happy place. Thanks for all you do. Stay safe and well.

deliver til I die says:

Sprouts sautéed with bacon.

beerbread says:

Thinly sliced brussel sprouts, let sit for five to ten minutes. Steam. Add olive or walnut oil after cooking. They will be sweeter, and more nutritious. Walnuts? Yes please.

Genn S. says:

I find that Brussels sprouts are so bland, absolutely no flavour or tasty texture… so I don’t even bother with them

Gjyste Bici says:


Cori Mi says:

Just in time for the Thanksgiving table. Thank you!

Sadat El Yasamen says:


Geraldine Aydin says:

I love sprouts at the best of times but these are delicious! I’m having to stay away from the kitchen for the next half an hour or there be none left for tonight’s dinner! They’re on my Christmas dinner list for sure! 😍

pam davis says:

no to the nuts and yes to bacon!!!!

Mirianda Smaira says:

Very appetizing thanks

Truckngirl says:

Walnuts, no. They're gross. Why ruin a good dish?

Marty Rose says:

Made me want to taste some too! Thank you!

D Motta says:

I’m going to try this. Instead of my usual vegetable dish.

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