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This Easy Seasoned Air Fryer Asparagus is the perfect quick side dish to make in the air fryer. Here’s how I prep and cook my asparagus in the air fryer.

🖨 Printable Recipe and Step by Step Instructions for the asparagus here:

Some of the tools I used:
Air Fryer:
Cutting Board:
Black Pepper Grinder:

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Sunshyne70 Stephens says:

Just made these and omg! My daughter and me devoured all of them!! Thank you!

Vee Tha Sock God says:

I tried it…tasted good but my asparagus shriveled up alot…lol

Shetay_lored says:

Yessss…. trying this today! #NewSubbie

Connie says:

Loving these air fryer videos! Yum!

Anthony Williams says:

I'm about to prepare this for me & my wife now. I'll tell u how it turned out. I have a question what kind of salt & black pepper shaker is that.

John Moore says:

Can’t wait to try this in a few days

Carmel Deakin says:

I lo
I like this lady.

Marla Shanas says:

Needs some Parmesan cheese….YUMMMMMMMM

M V Severtson says:

Thank you so much! Addicted to your videos! xoxox

M V Severtson says:

NEVR "cut" the bottoms off of the asparagus. Always "snap" off the bottoms. They break right at the "woody" spot perfectly. Toss the butts into the trash and enjoy your perfect spears!

Tiffany Hughes says:

Did you use the Bake Setting or the Air Crisp Setting on your air fryer?

Margaretha Madoures says:

Love this! I am not using my air fryer for veggies often enough…

Quick tip about prepping asparagus: Don't cut the ends off, and instead snap them off. This way you'll automatically get rid off the woody bits.

Vertigo Head says:

thanks alot! hope more vids!

helpfulnatural says:

So well timed, my grocery store just put out a ton of asparagus! Going to try this recipe this weekend with my turkey breast. 🙂

Natasha J’s World #OVERCOMERS!! says:

I love asparagus and I usually sauté or steam mine because i never got them right in the air fryer but I will try again

Jerry Papandrea says:

Looks great! I need that pepper grinder

52969RST says:

Love the channel your air fryer videos are the best!!!!! 🙏

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