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Air Fryer Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin Recipe – Paula shares an air fryer pork recipe that’s perfect for Easter!
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Air Fryer Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin Recipe:
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Paula Deen says:

What do you like to serve as your entrée on Easter?



Jennifer Watts says:

Green bean casserole chicken casserole please send me some Harry and David goodies

brianna murphy says:

I like to use my leftover tenderloin to make a classic Cuban sandwich….with ham, mayo & mustard, ham, & pickles. Delicious! Love you, happy Easter!

Linda Walker says:

Paula, have you done an episode on how to cook a pork loin steak and have it turn out tender? I have trouble cooking pork.

MK L says:

You don't laugh, you CACKLE (ugly & annoying cackle).

Dottie West says:

Happy Easter Paula! That looks like a delicious dinner!

JC Baily says:

Happy Easter to you all too!!!

Nici Devine says:

We make a whole pork lion N cut not all the way through it then we put in apple pie then wrap it up with bacon !!! Then we smoke it yummy 😋 in your tummy !!!

Jane Lawrence says:

My dad used to cook these on the campfire. Man they were so good. I would think that the air fryer would dry the pork out. I think oven would be the best

Cynthia Hunter says:

What kind of Air fryer is that Paula?

Cynthia Hunter says:

Cooking pork on the easter holiday goes all the way back to babylon. Tamuze was killed by a wild boar and bunny rabbits were his favorite animal. Semiramis, his mother, ( egyptian name is ishtar.. where the easter name comes from). She declared it a holiday to mourn his death. Everyone obstained from carnal pleasures for 40 days prior ( where lent was started). They had a sunrise service and everyone had to have new clothes ( where the tradition of buying easter clothes come from). She supposedly came down from the moon in an egg so that's where they come in. They colored the eggs with the blood of the pigs they slaughtered to eat. It was a huge fertility festival. They had huge orgies and any babies conceived were sacrificed on the winter solstice holiday of saturnalia. This is all pagan.
I came for Paula's yummy recipe but thought I'd share the history of this particular Holiday

MaryEllen Meekins says:

I would love to have a video tour of your house Mrs. Paula!

VH D says:

Thanks Paula!!!!Love this video! HAPPY EASTER!!!Ready for the house tour😉❤️❤️❤️

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