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bread kulfi recipe | easy bread & milk ice cream | bread ki kulfi with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and quick way to prepare an indian kulfi ice cream with milk, bread powder and dry fruits. it is one of the easiest, simplest kulfi ever due to the use of bread powder which helps to thicken the milk easily. even though it is a hack version of kulfi dessert, yet it offers the same taste, flavour and creaminess.
bread kulfi recipe | easy bread & milk ice cream | bread ki kulfi with step by step photo and video recipe. kulfi ice cream recipes are one of the popular indian ice cream variants in the ice cream category. it is perhaps one of the creamiest and flavorful ice cream, but may not be the easiest to prepare. because it takes a lot of time stirring in low flame to get the thick milk. but there is some cheat version and bread kulfi recipe is one popular ice cream.




Hebbars Kitchen says:

have you ever thought of making kulfi with bread?? here it is!! bread kulfi recipe which tastes exactly like malai kulfi recipe.

full recipe:

shinimathew joseph says:

Turned out vry yumm

Arnavi K 13 says:

Wow awesome thanks for sharing this recipe.

Kadhai keppoma says:

Just tried it out came very well. Super creamy same like the arun icecream kulfi

Aamena Aazam says:

I like your recipes


So bad taste


Never make it

supriya singh says:

Bread kulfi its wired 🤢
When kulfi can be made with milk then why to add bread 🍞 unnecessarily thus making it worst.
Experiment is good but bread kulfi it makes mood yuk 😅

anjali kumawat says:

I'm make the ice crime is ver👌👌👌😋😋😋😋😋😋y

Farha Bhuju says:

I tried it today and trust me it was so creamy and tasty. No one can say it has a bread in it

anjali kumawat says:

I'm make ice crame is

Anushka says:

I tried this yesterday with bread it tastes like malai
Thanks hebbars kitchen
Uare always my favorite ❤ 💓


Very nice 👍🏻

Hi tea fusion recipes. says:

Omg it looks so delicious 😋

Paki Khan says:

Kindly apny grinder ka name btaye kis company ka hai jo ap is bread ko grind kfny k loye use kiya

kumar kumar says:


Food Zealot says:

Loved it!! Looks so yummy 😋

ABDULLAH Ahmed says:

Ap kbi b meet chiken matoon fish ki cheez ni bnati. Ku ??????????????

Swati Mahind says:

Nice kulfi in my home there is bread so I going to make

Abhiram Abhi says:

Wow kulfi! Nice recipe maam thanks a lott for posting this delicious recipe

Madhavee's Kitchen says:

this recipe is too good i want to make it soon. thanks for sharing mam. thank you so much.

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