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With some zucchini, flour, a hint of vanilla, and cinnamon you can make a tender and moist zucchini bread. Here’s how to do it.

This recipe makes a super moist and soft bread that is loaded with zucchini goodness. If the people in your house like banana bread they’re going to love this loaf!

Together with zucchini, summer’s favorite vegetable, a hint of vanilla and cinnamon give this bread a beautiful flavor. Be prepared, though, because when you put this in the oven to cook your whole house is going to smell heavenly.

Figuring out how to use zucchini for something other than a salad can be hard but this recipe solves the problem. For this recipe, the zucchini is grated and then folded into an all-purpose flour batter with vanilla and cinnamon.

The zucchini makes this bread super soft and tender and the heavenly aroma it creates is going to tempt you to eat it up as soon as it comes out of the oven. It tastes even better the second day, however, so maybe make it a day ahead of time and try not to eat it.

This homemade Zucchini Bread is:

Super soft
Similar to Banana Bread
Easy to make
Great with coffee


All-Purpose Flour – The recipe calls for all-purpose flour. For a healthier version, you can substitute whole wheat flour but the taste and texture will be different. If there’s another kind of flour you prefer, give it a try.

Almond or other gluten-free flours work for this bread if that’s something you require.

Zucchini – When grated and folded in the batter, this summer vegetable gives the bread a moist and tender texture that is just irresistible. Zucchini has no taste of its own but absorbs the taste of other ingredients well and provides an extra moist texture to the bread.

Pecans – Pecans add some crunch to this tender bread, which I love. If pecans aren’t your favorite try using walnuts, almonds, or your favorite kind of nuts.

Cinnamon Powder – There’s nothing like the wonderful smell of cinnamon baking in an oven, not to mention the flavor it adds to the finished product.

Vanilla Extract – A slight hint of vanilla is essential in any good sweet and soft bread, so don’t forget the extract.

Brown Sugar – I like using brown sugar for this recipe, but you can use white sugar if you prefer. The amount can be adjusted according to your taste.

Other Ingredients – Basic but essential ingredients you’ll need to complete this recipe are baking soda, baking powder, eggs, and vegetable oil.


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