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EASY ONE-POT MEAL IDEAS | BEST WEEKNIGHT RECIPES | WHAT’S FOR DINNER? | LET’S GET COOKING! Some weeknights are meant for simplicity like sheet pan or few ingredient meals, but today is all about dinner recipes that come together easily in one pot! One-pan meals are amazing because of the low mess and quick cooking times. Here are 5 tried n’ true one-pan recipes to add to your menu! From my family to yours, I truly think you will love these. Thank you for all the support 🌼

0:00 Welcome! ❖ Today’s Recipes
0:32 Parmesan Chicken & Rice
2:15 Taco Pasta
4:20 Lemon Chicken Orzo
6:35 Creamy Tomato Pasta
8:33 Fried Rice

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Kaye Berry says:

Love your simple delicious meals, Julia

LaRocha says:

Have you ever given BLT wraps a try? They’re so delicious and my kids LOVE them☺️

R Kse says:

For how many people are your one pot meals?

Momma M. says:

Are you related to Steve Pacheco of Trace Evidence?

DEBB. NACE says:

i love all your meals!! and you are just the cutest EVER

lilmissbloodbath89 says:

So, these feed 1 person. Sorry to say, I'm a little underwhelmed.

Jenae says:

Where'd you get your dutch oven?

Patricia Easter says:

Food looks good but was wondering what the finish on your cabinets is??

sherrylg2006 says:

I would love crock pot meal videos

anton005 says:

Wow! 5 recipes in an 11 minute video, didn't know that was possible 🙂 A lot of ytubers could learn a thing or 5 from you! Great recipes, new sub. Take care.

Melissa McLaughlin says:

Really great meals,as always julia ❤️.you never disappoint!!!thank you so much for sharing your recipes 😋👍😋👍 good wishes and God's blessings to you all 😇

Denise Juani says:

Hi Julia, thank you for always sharing ❤️ I would love to see some camping meals as well as some dairy free meals 🥺 A lot of your meals use cheese/cream and I usually just leave it out but still would love some inspiration!

Choco Java Chip says:

Question…when you use just a T of tomato paste or just a cup of broth, what do you do with then leftover paste or broth? Always seems like a waste of food to me.

Pande Baire says:

Good thing you saved the pineapple's for the end I would've stopped watching after that shit…

xxx.Rachaelxx says:

Could you please do kid friendly dinners ? Dinners kids can help make?

Peter Vichi says:

Amazing recipes, amazing chef!

A Right To Know says:

You are truly a FOOD GENIUS! Thank you for sharing with us “not so genius foodies” so we can have ease and variety in our food space. 🥳🙏🏼

Granite Moss says:

The Creamy Tomato Pasta would work well with roasted red peppers instead of sun dried tomatoes, too. Just an option depending on what you have in your pantry!

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