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The official list of the Best Summer Dessert Recipes of 2021 is HERE! I just couldn’t do it alone, though, so I asked some bakers I admire from across the internet to help out!. See the FULL list of recipes here:

Friends & Recipes:
Strawberry & Cream Pastries — Benjamin The Baker — 00:00:20
Nectarine Olive Oil Cake — Kai Kani — 00:01:00
Chocolate & Biscoff Parfait — Divya Kapoor — 00:02:00
Strawberry Balsamic Glaze — Irene Walton — 00:03:20
Caramel S’Mores Bars — Kim from KickassBaker — 00:04:24
Mango Trifle — Just_Desserts_By_Ritika — 00:05:28
Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream — DoughyDelightsByMariam — 00:05:57
Mango Mousse Cake — MyWhiskList — 00:06:04
Whole Lemon Tart — Me, Gemma Stafford —00:08:35

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Bigger Bolder Baking says:

Hi Bold Bakers! Are you ready to see my picks for the Best Summer Dessert Recipes this year? Get recipes more info here:

Debra Alberts says:

Delicious 😋

Zara Fatima says:

Woooow your biggest fan Ma'am ❤️

Emerge says:

Got some maangos waiting for me to mousse them up! ..

Mr Curry Master says:

wow nice… today i too upload squid fish thank you…

Jim Willis says:

Thanks for having actual captions for the Deaf. Makes your videos easier to understand and follow.

ghadazaki64 says:

I see nothing because the black subtitles…

Just Microwaving says:

Can we still submit entries??

upma Dhingra says:

Where can we have the written recipes of these amazing creations??

zoya khan says:

my favourite has to be your no machine ice cream🍦 and Gemma how's your dream house🏘 going I'm super excited for the bbb headquarters🤩, is it weird to feel more excited than you🤣🤣

c2bienaime says:

Now those recipes are so delicious

Mel Mel says:

Can I ask where you got your measuring spoons from that you always use? 😍

Sun Rise says:

Love it❤❤❤yummmmmy😋😋😋😋

Lady J. says:


Cat Foxx says:

My favorite summer dessert is anything Bigger Bolder Baking makes!!! Great video!!

Anita Dunphy says:

Thanks everyone for sharing. They all look delicious, but I'm a lover of anything lemon, but I'm sure I would love the others too.

Robin D says:

I’M SO HUNGRY!!!!!🤤🤤🤤🙏❤️

Subhan Shoaib Food Secrets says:

Thanks dear nice sharing

Deborah Lee says:

They all looked delicious, I want to try them all !

Fatima Zalme says:

Absolutely stunning!

Bionic Bunny says:

Hello Gemma dessert 🍨 looks awesome. Love your content and creativity. Your the best you tuber in the whole wide world and I hope you are having my a great summer. Also don’t forget to stay hydrated

Mama T Speaks says:

Looks absolutely delicious 💯

Connie says:

Wow, so many talented bakers! Very inspiring. Gemma's lemon tart is on my list of things to bake soon!

Dia says:

Ooo very nice video Gemma! You must write the ingredients of the recipies! The biscot dessert oo they looks so yummy! Good joob to everywone! Gemma you know you resipies is amazing! I like the chocolate chip cookies, ice cream and my favorite dessert ever "Brownies"! Can you make us Brownie Cake! I see them on Youtube but i like to see your recipie! Can you make Chocolate ice cream cake? Have a nice day and good weekend? 👍👏🍴

Shravan Manoj says:

Ahhh these recipes are so creative!!! Thank you so much for caring about your fans, Gemma. Hope you’re doing well at your new house!!! Regards and love from India!!!!

How To Cuisine says:

Looks so tempting! 😍

Karen T says:

The mango mousse cake looked so good.

Kelly O'Connor says:

Hi Gemma ❤ , Wow! Amazing summer desserts! I love the range you picked to show us. Some very beautiful looking like the Mango tarte, to the yummy & kid Bold Baker & Auntie 😊 S'mores Brownies! Your lemon tarte at the end is a must! Love that you can put slices of lemon peel and all!!
Thank you again! Lots of love! 💕💕💕

Mommy and Kitchen says:

Wowwwww! This looks extremely delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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