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Another day, another positive body image message from Demi Lovato!

This time, the entertainer took a picture of her bare legs on Instagram with the caption, “I don’t have a thigh gap and I’m still beautiful the way I am. #recovery #selflove #EVERYbodyisbeautiful.”

With everyone well aware that swimsuit season is rapidly approaching, we can see nearly 900,000 of Demi’s fans appreciate her confident messages.

Demi wants to make it clear… Just because you don’t have a gap between your legs doesn’t mean there’s a gap between yourself and beauty.

She tells Entertainment Tonight, “If you have one naturally, then great, embrace what you have. But if you don’t have one naturally, you don’t have to starve yourself or engage in unhealthy behaviors.”

Demi’s voice is best known through song, but she’s definitely made it her prerogative to challenge beauty standards and give a healthy message to encourage fans not to succumb to eating disorders and other harmful, addictive practices.


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