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Written Recipe:
Today I would like to share with you a zucchini pancake recipe.

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944gemma says:

This makes me want a nice bottle of Tomasello’s Red.

Searching for Rugrats says:

When he said "It's a little wet!" LMAO 😂😂😂😂

sharifa panday says:

I made it and it tastes lovely!😉😉😉its like a explosion in my mouth!😛😛😛😛😛😛

Barney Coffman says:

I really like; very simple and basic ingredients. With salmon and wine….WOW! Very Nice…..

Leah Bertrand says:

Mr. Orsara, you are a treasure. It's August 16th today and that means zucchini season. Thanks for this recipe and toppings.

Iris. Fuentes Castellano says:

I love everything he does connecticut

The Frugally Retired Couple says:

love this man!!!

Mike Ramos says:

Awesome. Thank you. Don't listen to the negative comments. They fools.

Deborah says:

Now that looks good.

Barry S says:

I loved watching him years ago when he would sing to the foods he was making he always made my day, God bless him 😊

Debbe Borders says:

Looks yummy.

T O'Connor says:

I have been making zucchini pancakes the last few days and absolutely love them. And add ing smoked salmon on top takes it to a whole new level. I'm so excited.

nk nk says:

is.​ very.​nice.​ Thank.​ you.​so.​much

Michele Caron says:

You are wonderful. My papa had the same accent and cooked great too! Enjoying every video…and bought a Salude t-shirt.

bilal hussain says:

very nice video

Lillian Russo says:

I made these today but the pancakes turned out very wet in the center. Probably should have squeezed the excess water from the grated zucchini. I guess flour can only absorb so much water. Maybe the instructions should be edited.

Winnie Chilton says:

Smoked salmon?

Merle Love says:

Mmmm, I've been making these pancakes 🥞 for years

Gemini Cris says:

Le proverò sicuramente! Grazie mille! 😉

Maureen says:

Wow I have try your recipe ❤️

Jason says:

This looks amazing.

ps37see10and29 says:

I'm seeing you first time today .it's 2020 and it's been a misery of a year with more to come. Imagine my surprise to feel all that heaviness lift off my heart as I chuckled watching & listening to this lovely gentleman. Only one thing left me a little sad. I think Italy keeps the best wines for themselves, no, seriously. You can order a house wine anywhere over there n it'll be good. Here in the ghostly remains of what used to be the United states , we have shelves full of lousy wine. hmm salmon and red wine and fresh veggies , why he looked so good 😉

Bill Mekker says:

I tried it! YES!

Mary Official Mix Channel says:



How about adding one carrot to give a little more color. Good recipe for breakfast.

Craig and Snow w / Adam says:

He’s a animal !!!

Craig and Snow w / Adam says:

You put ta sour crea m a like this ,… on da-top-a !! I like it like this ,… … seriously love this dude.!!!

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