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20-minute vegan meals that don’t sacrifice on flavor! Thank you to ALDI for sponsoring this video! Be sure to visit your local ALDI for unbeatable prices on so many plant-based groceries.

For the printable recipes and tips on how to save time in the kitchen, head to the blog post:


Carolyn Smith Moorman says:

I made the tofu with slaw and peanut sauce for lunch today. Very tasty! Very easy. I used Aldi’s on Instacart, too! Thank you for your wonderful food!

Tabiri Petrovich says:

I love aldi 🙂

Marcie Draper says:

Love YOU!! Thank you so much <3

Fae Rich says:

Giving u a like for the mime

Star Citizen Jorunn says:

I am LOVING the Crispy Tofu Slabs with Peanut Sauce and Cabbage Slaw! <3

Rzzle Dz says:

Can you buy all of the ingredients at Aldi?

Jay Zay says:

Thank you Nisha, love what you do. You have a beautiful family. Regards.

Stephanie says:

I just made the lemon pasta and it was delicious! Thank you! 😘

Loves Animals Hates Rats says:

Why dream would be to win the lottery and hire her as my personal vegan chef.

Tommy Greenough says:

I love that you use all or mostly organic ingredients! So so so many vegans don't care what they put into their bodies, and we need to change that! Being vegan means doing the least harm, that means to yourself also! Plus pesticides kill bees and other pollinators!

Mohammad Rawat says:


Nini bella says:

I made this with purple cabbage and parsley since I had that on hand and didn't feel like going to the grocery store doing rush hours. Overall, THIS WAS A HUGE HIT. Supper light&refreshing and packed with flavors. DEFINITELY will make again again again and again. 100 out of 100.

Lil Gus Sharon says:

I really love how you teach us the reason behind certain things. I feel like I understand cooking so much more having watched only a handful of your videos. You put a lot of work and effort into what you do and it’s very obvious and much appreciated!

isha says:

How do you clean the cabbage? I'm too scared of cabbage coz it has worms sometimes.

Warren G says:

Taco Tuesday was a home run! Thank you so much!!!

August Havince says:

Appetizing and funny! I should've watched this way before now.

Maria Serra -Queenmeetsgreen says:

Nisha I have followed many vegan food bloggers, you’re still the best.

P A T I N H O忍 says:

the olive oil is just like me
extra virgin

M C says:

Ha! I was thinking, walnuts would be perfect with that lemon pasta, and hey, presto! you show walnuts. 😁

Anoosha R says:

Going to start uni soon, I might try out the first recipe and maybe add some egg noodles since I'm veggie not vegan, looking forward to having a go!!

Luke Milne says:

Why is this recommended to me? Ew

Anna says:

Id love to see good vegan meals where you use only one pot or one pan (you already have many idead but i mean a specific video about that) love your humor! Maybe you could Report about your experience with gojiman treatment?

Anonymous says:

Last recipe seems great but it should contain few veggies instead of pasta. Pasta doesn't include nourishments, it just lumbers up the stomach.

Helen Lane says:

Hello from the isle of Anglesey in North Wales, love the videos. What can i use instead of coriander i just cant stand it! Thanks

Jenna Marie says:

Make vegan recipes for folks who only have refrigerator and a microwave. I live in assisted living. I need help making vegan meals.

vany C says:

Def trying that tofu slaw. It looks and sounds so good!!

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