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Learn How to Make Banana Bread with these Step by Step Instructions for Beginners. This Easy Banana Bread Recipe is a moist and foolproof Quick Bread that will create a beautiful rise with a golden brown top. ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎Click Video Title or “Show More” for Additional Info⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎

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➡️ABOUT THIS VIDEO: In this video, Mary from Mary’s Nest shows How to Make Banana Bread with Step by Step Instructions for Beginners with this Easy Banana Bread Recipe.


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Mary's Nest says:

Hi Sweet Friends, Today I am sharing How to Make a Banana Bread with Step by Step Instructions for the Beginner. This Easy Banana Bread Recipe is a moist and foolproof Quick Bread that will create a beautiful rise with a golden brown top.

For more Quick Breads that require NO YEAST, be sure to visit:

And if you do have yeast, be sure to check out my NO KNEAD SUPER SOFT SANDWICH BREAD:

Plus, if you are interested in learning how to make your own Vanilla Extract, here’s the link: Love, Mary

Mark II says:

Now that I'm in charge of making my banana bread, there will be NO NUTS in my Banana bread. lol. I "dislike" nuts in the banana bread. Thanks for the video. Seemed to be very thorough.

Diana Telegrafi says:

🌏🙏❤️Thank youuu 🔥Mary’s Nast 🍁You are Fantasticcc 🌷Greattt 🌷

ProGoddess Anime says:

Thank you for your nice recipes on bread making. Your detailed explanation is very helpful for beginners and easy to follow. I am wondering if you have easy-to-bake recipes for chocolate cakes, donuts, cupcakes, muffins, and other pastries. If you do, it will be most delightful as my family loves anything that goes with chocolates and I'm learning to bake.

Marissa Herradura says:

Its also used to make banana ktchup.

Nilofer says:

Just love all your videos. You tell us so many tips and tricks. Thankyou very much.

joan walford says:

Yummy and delicious looking!

Arthur Walls says:

Hello MARY …For step by step instructions there seems to be the MOST IMPORTANT instruction left out …..Maybe a Dozen times you said 50 minute , 50 minutes 50 minutes , but not even one time did I hear you say what temperature to set the oven on , not even once …I guess I'll have to go watch someone else's video on how to make Banana Bread to find out how much heat along with how much time to out my Banana Bread in to bake for ……..

Leigh B. says:

Made banana bread again today. Yum yum. Thank you!

Cindy Ward says:

I love your channel!
I learn something new every time.
I've been baking banana bread for over 30 years.
All my recipes call to add nuts or fruit at the end.
I will definitely add to the flour next time, great tip!

Kathy Vorce says:

I throw my bananas in the freezer skin and all. They turn black and look yucky, but I get a charge out of squeezing the defrosted "bablanna" (what my children used to call them) into a bowl! Slimy and squishy but easy to mash!😁

steven watson says:

I make a heated mixture of powder sugar and butter and coat the top after baking.

steven watson says:

Yes I'm married. Oh she said I am Mary.

Consuelo Ramirez says:

Señora hermosa. Dios la Bendiga. Gracias por sus explicaciónes con traducción al español. Si supiera todo lo que me ha servido su explicación. Me he suscrito ahora mismo. Mil mil gracias.💐

josephine hills says:

I made this recipe today .My banana bread came out glorious.You have such a beautiful calming voice .

Shubha Lakshmi says:

Hello Mary! Looking out for a banana bread recipe I reached your channel. So so pleasant watching you! Your passion for baking simply reflects in your presentation. I am a beginner in baking and will def try this recipe. However, can you also drop in your suggestion of using a self rising flour for this recipe. Thank you!

Gina Dyson says:

Thank u for showing me how to make the recipe of Banana Bread!!!

Robin Norcross says:

I have baked for years and I learned something new today watching this video. I didn't know that about adding walnuts to the flour mixture first. Blessings to you dear Mary.

Lapis Mosi says:

Sweet Mary, It seems to me that you really love your life and that sharing it with others has brought you great happiness. I want to let you know I have always wished for a life like yours. I am really a homebody type person. I am a Cancer and love the home and feeding people. Some how I ended up as a paralegal after college and after five years of that stressful occupation I became a teacher. Silly me, thinking I'd be free of stress! I went on to teach almost all the grades for 27 years and now I'm retired. I feel guilty saying this but maybe if I get it off my back I will feel better. I still have nightmares about those teaching years and indeed, they were really harsh…it left me stripped to the bone with stress, and essentially abuse, which I had to tolerate as there is almost no support in the educational field. I only am speaking of this because I hope by expressing it, it will leave me alone when I sleep. So why am I opening up my heart and soul? It is because you are the perfect example of what kind of life I wish I had had. I wish I had the bravery to follow my heart and do exactly what you are doing. Your life seems so meaningful to me. You help so many people and you really care about your viewers. I love your channel and it makes me feel that there is goodness and hope in the world and when people hear the words, "Follow your dreams," I hope they really do. Thank you for everything you have taught me and for the inspiration to go forward with a smile on my face. I really do believe in you and you have made a difference in my life. Thank you! 😍❤️😋🧡😂💛‼️

Tammie Olson says:

Making these this cold snowy morning. Divided it into muffins instead of bread. Smells wonderful

Grand Mar says:

Thank you sooo much for this recipe can't wait to try it I did followed a other recipe he came out burnt 🙁
You explain everything step by step love it 🙂

Stefany Guerrero says:

Hi Mary. I tried your recipe and it tasted amazing!! I just had a little problem with the baking time. It took 1hour and 15 min to cook and the bread came out a little burnt at the bottom. Why would that be? Thanks!

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