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Host Bridget Lancaster prepares perfect Oven-Roasted Chicken Thighs.

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MrSunlander says:

what temp for the broiler

Sahil Mansuri says:



Lee Curran says:

First time I have ever seen an American hold the knife and fork correctly for eating. Chicken looked good too!

Artty 1975 says:

Nah, Old Bay seasoning, whoop up some mashers. Dinner served bro.

Alocer Vancouver says:

Made this today. What a tasty and wonderfully straightforward recipe without exotic ingredients! Thank you!

O. R.F. says:

Salsa verde is Mexican not Italian 😉

Christian says:

I’m getting ready to try this. For convenience, I will skip making the green salsa sauce but will instead try it with Zhoug sauce from Trader Joe’s. Other quick pairing sauce possibilities are: Pesto sauce, Chimichurri sauce, Peruvian Aji sauce, zaatar paste, etc… etc…

Token Civilian says:

And a great part of this recipe – bone in chicken thighs are a bargain. Less than 1/4 the price per pound vs petite sirloin steaks at the bargain grocery I go to. Delicious and frugal – what a winning combination.

Brett Humphries says:

Looks delish. Hard to beat ATK. Their 25th Ann. Spec. Ed. 2017 has some great ones – brownies, ez polenta, hard cooked eggs…

Jonathan S says:

Really sucks that you have to sign up with your email and get spam to be able to print the recipe.

Iarla Moylan says:

I'm gonna buy an oven and a broiler and a food processor and spend all day making a tv show. LOL

shafta99 says:

love chicken thighs, have to try this recipe. roasted garlic is great for making the best garlic bread too. this with some garlic bread and roasted zuchinni sounds like a plan thank you atk.

kathey elias says:

Salsa Verde is made with tomatillos. Your green sauce seems closer to a pesto

Tony Veto says:

Love you ladies ! We've been enjoying your jovial cooking for what…20+ years ? Always a treat ! Greetings from Detroit…

Berkana says:

Bridget, may I suggest an additional technique? I notice you trimmed a bunch of skin from the thighs. Try doing this: put the thighs on a cooling rack over the sink, and use a coffee pour-over kettle to scald them all with boiling water. This causes the skin to contract dramatically. Then, pat them dry. Something about scalding the skin makes it crisp up in the oven even better. This scalding and pat-dry method is what Chinese restaurants do to get duck skin super crispy. When the skin shrinks, there's hardly anything to trim to go to waste.

D Knigh says:

Make skins with fat! Skim back! What a lost! 🇯🇲🇮🇱🩸😂‼️🪡⌚️

zedicus11 says:

Best deal in the store usually. Another way is to put them skin side down in a cold nonstick pan covered cook on low heat for 15-20 min. do not peak! Pull breast from pan drain some of the fat and make pan sauce remaining drippings. (white wine, tarragon, some mushroom and challet)

Lumber Jack says:

👋👋 Hello!! Enjoyed the video!!

Michael Boso says:

The ghost of Phil Hartman is appeased by the patting of the anchovies.

good nameYT says:

Looks good!

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kristina maiken says:

This crispy chicken recipe was so good and easy to make. However, the salsa verde was quite a bit of extra work and the chicken really didn’t need it. Most of the people I had over for dinner didn’t even try it!

StarbaseTx says:

Passive aggressive much, lol.

Puts husband on blast.

MegaGibsonian says:

My son and I watch your show all the time and we love to try making new things. I particularly enjoy the fact that you guys try different ways to cook things so you can present us with the best way to do it.
Love you all!

philos34002 says:

do you marinate your chicken thighs? they're juicy without it, but I'm not a big fan of roasted chicken so I marinate just to add some pizazz. Any thoughts on a best marinade for thighs?

J Boreal says:

I wonder if Bridget tweaks everytime she sees a bow tie? . . .

Gwen Pidgeon says:

Salsa Verde is Italian?
Salsa Verde is MEXICAN.

Imran Wan Chik says:

I want that KRAMER KNIFE!

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