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Poème de Jacques Charpentreau récité par Théo
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nino en pleine emission…
Watch how to make crispy Bread potato rolls. This bread roll recipe easy and healthy as these are non- fried yet crisp from outside and soft potato stuffing from inside. This is another healthy airfryer [More]
Thanks to the magic of the air fryer, these delicacies taste amazing and they’re so easy to make! 00:00 – Air Fryer Recipes 00:10 – Air Fryer Chicken Wings 00:38 – Air Fryer Chips 01:12 [More]
Check out awesome crispy chicken wonton recipe with Philips Air Fryer it’s rapid air technology makes healthy & oily free food by Sanjay Thumma Wantons are an interesting oriental starter here they are made of [More]
Today I’ll share my easy trick to getting the best french fries in an air fryer! I see a lot of fries recipes suggesting soaking the cut fries in cool water, but that seems totally [More]
Looking for some healthy air fryer recipes? I got you! You can make almost anything in your air fryer! It doesn’t just have to be the traditional fried foods! I’m sharing 5 Healthy Recipes that [More]